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The ultimate source of bro truths and man wisdom. They are usually the last stopping ground before making major bro decisions, such as what fantasy player to draft first or what to do when your new girlfriend has a freak out for the first time. Multiple Broly Grails can exist, but are few and far between, and will naturally default into a general hierarchy, such as the Jedi.
Ask Dan for advice about the three girls you're dating, after years of crazy relationships, he's the Broly Grail for this type of thing.
by Baby James August 27, 2010
Typically, a homeless, gay male, who, either by circumstance or personal choice, has no permanent place of residence of his own. These young men, oftentimes, members of the backpack generation who are locally nomadic, have little or no means of support, and few, if any, deep, personal relationships. They can be found in major urban centers, in most cases, with a backpack containing an assortment of expensive, name brand underwear, assorted electronics, and a working mobile phone, but no additional clothes than those they are wearing. Although it is rare, some individuals may be as old as 30, and in some very rare cases you may find some into their 40's. These young men will oftentimes offer sex in exchange for a place to "crash" or something to eat!
There seems to be an alarming trend in the growing number of "Homelessexual" men within the gay community.
by baby james August 12, 2013
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