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Baggy pants worn by young men that hang low on the hips and have a crotch down to the knees. The wearer looks all for the world like he has has a load of shit in his britches (or breeches, if you prefer).
My nephew came by the other day wearing shit britches. They fit so poorly, the lad could hardly walk.
by Baby Hughy September 21, 2004
The stuff a woman wrings out of her drawers after a session of heavy petting.
After swapping spit with Billy-Bob, I had so much kuze in my panties it took them three days to dry out.
by Baby Hughy September 19, 2004
Full of pus. As in a a face ravaged by acne.
The pustulent creature emerging from the dark was a horror to behold.
by Baby Hughy November 29, 2004
What a loose woman would look like if she had as many different peckers sticking out of her as she had stuck in her.
You ought to ditch that hag Suzie; she's a frigging porcupine.
by Baby Hughy January 08, 2005
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