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A male who likes to
Find 'em
Fool 'em
Fuck 'em
Forget 'em
A single dude who loves em and leaves women for kicks.

The title of a song by punk rock scum bags The Mentors
Natasha thought that Adam would be good boyfriend, little did

she know that he was a four f club member to the core.
by Baby Gorilla May 27, 2006
A white who pretends to be an Indian, has long hair, wears the
Indian type clothes,it one with nature,attends pow-wows, that type of general tomfoolery.
The pow-wow was thick with plastic indians this year.
by Baby Gorilla May 27, 2006
The short bus that brings the retards to school.
Hey Billy! Lets throw these spoiled cups of tarter sauce at the nut bus!
Yea! Sounds like fun!
by Baby Gorilla May 27, 2006
Geebee-geebee is the sounds of people talking in a language you do not understand, an asian language.
The conversation sounds like, "Geebee-geebee!".
You want to buy a pop in that store there? No I can't stand to hear all that geebee-geebee in there!

I wish they would speak English and not all that geebee-geebee. .
by Baby Gorilla May 20, 2006
A person who due to their own personal defects,drug usage,being lazy, lack of any job related skills,stupidity is always working for a temp agency.
Who got the machine all backed up?
Oh that dumbass temp over there.
by Baby Gorilla May 27, 2006
Dolomite is someone who is very cool and together, says the right thing at the right time, good with the ladies, money to spend. A man of of the world.
James Bond is dolomite.
by Baby Gorilla May 20, 2006

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