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Natural habitat of tracksuit wearing single mothers and youths who still think the football casual look is trendy, some twenty years too late. See also Eastwood, Long Eaton, Jacksdale or any other Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire inbred border town shit-hole.
Look at that scrubby cunt over there, I bet he comes from Ilkeston
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
Big place in the South
I like it there - if only they could bring themselves to be more polite
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
Too fucking cool - we here at www.babyfathead.com salute you, you asshole!
You smell of chickensoooooop
by Baby Fat Head March 06, 2004
Possibly the best website in the world
www.babyfathead.com is possiblt the best website in the world
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
American company currently killing people in India with its new factory, by draining all local water supplies and dumping polluted residue next to surrounding villages.
Coca-Cola kills people in India. And also turns people into fat bastards.
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
City in Central England with ideas way above its station. 4th most violent city in England status belied by poncy head-up-arse ideas of its city councillors who don't seem to realise what a ghastly and dangerous place it really is. Gun and drug crime proliferate, as does street begging. Oh and the women are slappers too.
Going to Nottingham tonight? Yes, OK.
by Baby Fat Head February 13, 2004
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