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2 definitions by Baby Dave

A really hot girl
you can refer to a hot girrl as chikita or maybe chika
its a longer cooler version of chika so... use chikita
That chikita is nice
by Baby Dave November 18, 2004
327 57
not an animal!!!
it's a really fast car that was in GTA 1-5. I have all of them and they are all awesome (except for 1,2, and London) and also, in GTA San Andreas, you can mod out the cheetah... just to let you know (buy the game now!!! on ebay or something)
Person 1:Whoa, did you see that Cheetah!?!?!
Person 2:That's not a Cheetah, it's a Perrenial, noob.
by Baby Dave November 17, 2004
11 48