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A hairstyle fad popular in the 1980's.

Curly black hair is worn long and wavy.

Commonly misspelled as "Jerry" or "Jerri" curl.
Even though the Jheri Curl was popular among African Americans, one would not disagree that one of the best was worn by none other than Pedro Martinez.
by Baby Brown June 22, 2009
A combination of 2 words; BAUSS and AWESOME.

Used to describe something truly magnificent that cannot be referred to as simply "BAUSS" or "AWESOME."

Uses: Stand-alone or as part of a sentence or phrase. To be written in ALL CAPS.
Person 1: "Dude, what'd you think of that new Rick Ross joint?"

Person 2: "It was totally BAUSSOME."
by Baby Brown June 20, 2009
African American people who are "from" or reside in Philadelphia or its surrounding area(s).
The popular band, The Roots, are from Afridelphia.
by Baby Brown June 22, 2009
The magnitude or level of a person's coolness. Ranges from ZERO to BAUSSOME.
Person 1: How would you rate Rick Ross as a rapper?

Person 2: Clearly, Rick Ross has a BAUSSICITY rating of BAUSSOME.
by Baby Brown June 22, 2009
A common misnomer for the well-known Urbandictionary.
Ryan Murray: "Hey, why don't you look that up on Urban ... umm ... umm ... speak.com?"

Others: "Haha... you said Urbanspeak... You must not know about awesome things!"
by Baby Brown March 01, 2010

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