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The only place in the world where you can buy a haggis and a curry in the same shop!

"The best small country in the world"
- When an Englishman/woman wins a sporting event, it is an English victory, but when a Scotsman/woman wins a sporting event, it is a British victory. Likewise, we only ever hear of Scots sport failures, or British sport failures, never an English failure. a prime example of selective britishness Scotland the Brave!
by Babelfish Scotland June 27, 2006
Not english, actually Scottish - so clearly better than an english comprehensive or grammar school. A secondary school is a place where young folk are tied into chairs and forced to learn hamlet, macbeth, the periodic table, pythagoras' theorem and the formation of rivers! Sweet!
Scottish secondary schools are among the best in the world
by Babelfish Scotland June 27, 2006

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