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When the overall country (Britain) is used to spread the dissapointment or a failure of an individual region (Scotland/Ireland/Wales/but normally England). When regions pick and choose their Britishness to suit them.
When Henman loses a tennis match, it's a sad day for "Britain", not "England", and when Murray wins a match, it's a good day for "Britain" not "Scotland". Perhaps I'm biased (being a scot) but it always seems that way. Selective Britishness! Hah!
by Babelasc Scotland July 03, 2006
An afterthought of procrastination. If one has procrastinated, then starts to do a task, but decides they have had enough, they revert back to procrastination - i.e they recrastinate
Jimmy was going to start his "Sunset Song" character dissertation, but recrastinated - so he got whipped by the english teacher at the front of class!
by Babelasc Scotland September 21, 2006

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