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Someting a boy calls his girl wen he is in love. most of the tym the girl is quite, shy (sometimes), cute, sexy and everything a boy could want.
Whats wrong baby girl?
by baby girl August 20, 2003
MARY JANE! or marajuana
by baby girl November 17, 2003
something dumb or stupid
The party last night was hella boosty. Everyone left hella fuckin early.
by Baby Girl April 13, 2005
Something cool, aka tight
those shoes arre filthy
by BabY gIrL October 22, 2003
a drink nothing more
i'm thirsty i would like a drink
by baby girl January 07, 2004
blow job
nate got a puffy when he met the chick he was talking to online
by baby girl August 12, 2003
fione ass mutha fuckin rapper; my baby's daddy
Bow wow u look hella good.
by baby girl January 02, 2004

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