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2 definitions by B_playa005

Tension caused by high stress during a difficult or dangerous situation. So named because your sphincter tends to tighten up
or "pucker" involuntarily during such times.
The pucker factor was high when Tyrone was stopped by the cops for speeding while having weed stashed under the seat.
by B_playa005 April 02, 2009
An extremely unpopular topic brought up at the end of a (usually long and boring) meeting that requires a lot of work from everyone present. The worst ones are "drive-by shitbombs," where someone pokes their head in, "throws the shitbomb," and leaves.
At the end of another long and boring business meeting, Joe drops a shitbomb and mentions the manditory Employee Conduct workshop that will be held next week, resulting in anguish among his fellow co-workers
by B_playa005 April 02, 2009