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5 definitions by B_Rock

(v) When someone crushes an ice cream cone into someone else, usually involving one person placing the ice cream cone under their shirt often near the nipple region.
I thought it would be cool to pretend like I had cone boobs, but next thing I knew I was philibustered.
by B_Rock January 14, 2006
(V) 1. When you masturbate until your penis bleeds
2. When you use fine grained sand paper to rub off callouses on your penis in the hopes that masturbation once again feels good
3. Sprinkling salt on ones penis so that it shrivels up and can fit in small holes such as the hole in the middle of cds
4. Any self-mutilating excessive masturbation
1. I need a band-aid because I just gave myself The Friend
2. Let's go to Home Depot. I wanna give myself The Friend later
3. My penis looks like a slug when I do The Friend
4. That fool has a Frankencock from doing The Friend too much
by B_Rock January 13, 2006
1. (noun)- Acronym for Butt Anal Retard Dick Fucking Ass Homo Gay. Essentially used to designate something as way fucked up. Originated circa 2004 in a high school in response to a drama group known as Bard. Members would often break into song at random, even inappropriate times. Introverted beyond normal human levels,they also constantly flirted with borderline homosexuality amoung their members. Fellow peers casually reffered to them as Bard Fags, eventually evolving the saying into the acronym we now know. Today the meaning can be used in nearly any wacked situation, and is using said with much enthusiasm.
2. (verb)- Taken from the original acronym, bardfahg is also used as an action verb desribing an action that is blantantly flamboyant or just over the top in general.
3. (noun)- A name used in a Halo 2 lan party, now legendary amoung certain gaming circles, by the originator of the acronym. This person actually played on a team with Bard members and begain team killing and was able to remain anonymous throughout the game.
1. "OMG, those guys are singing during history class and touching each other's asses."
"What else would you expect from BARDFAHGs?"

2. "Did that guy seriously go to school dressed in drag?"
"God, that drama geek just Bardfahged the shit out of the entire Halloween holiday."

3. "Ok who the hell is this ButtAnalRetarDik guy. He keeps tking me!"
by B_Rock August 10, 2006
(v).- The action of just lying around all day doing nothing. Often involves keeping refreshments near oneself.

I brought a pot of water with me into the TV room so I could just cabbage the rest of the day.
by B_Rock January 13, 2006
A fraternity commonly know for being a haven for meterosexuals. Usually accepts anyone as a pledge. Infamous in greek circles for its "baby elephant walk" initiation event.
"Hey have you seen the new Beta Theta Pi rush shirts"
"Ya! They are baby blue polos with pink lettering"
"Dope man! Can't wait to pop that collar"
by B_Rock January 13, 2006