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3 definitions by B_M

A holiday destination that is full of the finest snatch. Think, Acapulco minus the four tops and then add in hundereds of filthy British slags that love going to Bourneville Boulevard in an alley behind a bar, and then piping you off to say thanks. Usually one of the greek islands during the summer months.
"Yes you'll be going loco down in snatchapulco; the snatch down there is so strong"
by B_M March 31, 2006
4 0
An evening on tour in a nightclub where only the male gender seem to be out.
This is gash. There's no snatch in here at all,who organised pipe night!
by B_M March 31, 2006
5 2
The sexual act also known as a blowjob. Best given by 19yr old scouse women.
She was piping me off for ages last night
by B_M March 31, 2006
42 51