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A weird unatural word, phrase etc. that you searched on urubandictionary to make sure that you created to make sure it's not a posted word to "create". Say you came up with a word, and you want to upload it onto UD, so you search it to make sure that you are the only one with that word and definition, to be cool.
Dick: hey I came up with a new word.
Charlotte: what is it.
Dick: deserted term, it means from the above!
Charlotte: ok cool lets search it on UD and make it a word.
by BZP4LIFE October 06, 2013
The hate for any form of stereotypes.
Amy: Uh I'm such a stereotred person.
Trent: what's that?
Amy: i have A hatred for Mexican cholos, black gangsters, white wiggers, gay flaming people, lesbian dykes, etc!
Trent: uh me too.
by BZP4LIFE October 01, 2013
The small pieces of coal that chip off from the coal but are still fully functional lit pieces for all hookah uses.
Bro the hookah pebbles are making some amazing smoke.
by BZP4LIFE December 08, 2015
Hookah Pebbles or Pebbles are the remaining small bits of coal that stay lit on the hookah that still perform as normal chunks of coal. In some cases actually provide more smoke when inhaling a hookah considering heat can pass thorough the holes smoother.
Bro these hookah pebbles are about to go out, go get more coal.
by BZP4LIFE December 01, 2015
The combination of maladroit and retard. Maladroit meaning clumsy. So a clumsy retard!
Craig got a ticket for cutting a cop off, what a malatard!
by BZP4LIFE December 01, 2015

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