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Blonde hair, fine ass and fucking nice tits Activities are cruising in shotgun of Byers subaru and sucking his dick.
A: Yo look at ASuth over there ima tap that ass
B:Nah man Byers got that taken care of.
by BXXXV February 01, 2009
The guy who bangs the hottest girl in school. Often can be found playing hockey or cruising in a subaru.
A: Whose that kid in the subaru
B: Yo thats Byers
A: Isn't he banging ASuth/ (Insert hottest girl at your school)?
B: Yea dude, It's Byers.
by BXXXV February 01, 2009
A freak who laughs to much
What a Shea STFU
by BXXXV February 01, 2009

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