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A small town established in the late 1700's, it used to be named Middlesex Parish after the Church, today called First Congregational. During the Revolution, Tories raided the town several times, once taking 27 hostages including the minister. Later, Middlesex Parish was renamed Darien after Darien, Panama. Some famous residents include the drummer from Kiss, the general Manager of the Yankees, and a news anchor from popular show, 60 minutes. Darien also currently has the largest Little League in the country and the Darien library was rated 6 best in the country. Our little town, the second smallest in CT, is full of history, and if you take the time to know us, you will see that we are kind, hard-working people. LIke every other town we have our ups and downs, but judge us fairly, without the prejudice.
Shannon: Darien sucks, everyone is rich and spoiled.
Carter: Have you ever been to Darien and met the people?
Shannon: ...no
Carter: Then you don't have the right to judge us that way.
by BWPdarien July 29, 2011

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