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A Macintosh user who is still using Mac OS X "Panther", in spite of their being two newer versions (Tiger, Leopard)
Pal: Hey, you load up Leopard on your machine yet?

Me: Nope...I'm Mr. Three Cats Back!
by BWB October 31, 2007
Yet another fanciful term - aren't there a lot of 'em? - for a woman's genitalia. Popularized(?) by Terry Southern's pointedly purple and over-the-top (but, IMO, somewhat overrated) 1958 book "Candy". (Imagine Henry Miller writing "Tropic of Cancer" on crack and Spanish Fly...and an empty stomach)
She's got a lamb-pit wetter than this rainforest we're slogging through.
by BWB December 28, 2005
A person possessing a tendency to prepare holiday food dishes that run against the accepted wisdom of what is expected (particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas).
Friend: So, you're gonna cook for Thanksgiving?

Me: Nope, no turkey. Got a chicken in the oven.

Friend: Like a true contravore. Am I invited?
by BWB December 01, 2010
Variation on "in his cups" (i.e. inebriated): someone so concentrated/"zoned" on whatever message(s) coming forth from his/her BlackBerry/iPhone/Android device that literally everything else surrounding them (non-virtually-speaking) is reduced to literal background noise. Commonly encountered on the street, on public transport, or even in a bar.
Bill: Hey, Roger...Roger? Earth to Roger?

Roger: Um...yeah?

George: Never mind Rog, he's in his BlackBerry again.
by BWB July 11, 2010
When a corporation or institution (museum, university), signs off on the creation of a new building for itself, usually designed by a "starchitect", convinced that this new "home" will bestow prestige, success, and street-cred among its associates, patrons, and even its rivals. Occurrence usually coincides with various economic "bubbles" where cash seems to be overflowing everywhere. (See also: "Irrational Exuberance")
"Now that Time Warner has officially divorced itself from AOL, don't you think they have at least a bit of builder's remorse for that huge hunk of new rock in Manhattan?"

"The Bilbao? Yeah, it's cool looking, but in this economy I'll bet the Guggenheim gang is feeling some mean builder's remorse."
by BWB December 11, 2009
Compound of "virtuoso" and "bozo". Connoting a master of stupidity, particularly when demonstrated by someone of high public fame and/or notoriety.
"Y'know, George W. Bush and Tom Cruise rarely come to mind at the same time, but both of 'em are truly virtuozos."
by BWB January 29, 2007
n. An individual of either sex (though, let's face it, we're mostly talking about guys here) who truly believe they possess the illest car audio system in your nabe, and make a point of letting this be known to you and others...as often as they deem necessary
Him: My car alarm went off! WTF!?

Me: Some megatwat just rolled by, setting it off...and every other car's on the block.
by BWB August 11, 2008
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