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A small town in somerset county with a surprisingly useful town with multiple grocery stores, eating places, and just random shit. Home to the crappiest movie theatre. Ever. The train station will usually have multiple mexicans waiting to be picked up for construction jobs, and the town is divided into two parts. The mountain is covered with some of the richest people in jersey, including 50 Cent, Mike Tyson, and Mark Ecko (the guy who bought barry bonds ball). The other half, on the other side of 202, is "little paraguay" which his full of relatively poor to middle class people. The rich people attend Delbarton, Seton Hall, Gill, or any other private school of their choice. The residents of little paraguay, and the mexicans in the apartments somehow make up one of the best public schools in NJ (who knew?). There are no jews. Absolutely none. The town is pathetic, and everyone in it knows, but we accept it and learn to love it. You know Lenny's is the best pizza around, and don't listen to anyone who has anything else to say. You like the old, drunk-filled station restaurant instead of the new high class one. The Bernards inn is the most expensive place to eat. You've never gone, and your parents go only for the most important occasions. The new starbucks is sick, but port city java was better. You know bagel bin is where early morning breakfast is at, or anytime you're feeling a bacon, egg, and cheese. People migrate from harding, basking ridge, and bedminster to shop in bernardsville, although they hate to admit what a ghetto ass town it is. The bernardsville food store. Haha. Anyway, that's bernardsville, and although we're mostly rich and spoiled you know its where its at.
Person 1: Where do you live?

Person 2: Bernardsville

Person 1: Oh you're spoiled. And rich.

Person 2: Yeah, but my town is the shit. And so am I.

Person 1: Truth.
by BVille G July 31, 2008
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