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A tattoo just above a woman's ass that let's all guys know she's a whore.

AKA - Tramp Stamp
Even when I was in Amsterdam, the girls with those tattoos were whores. I guess that's the Universal Whore Tattoo.
by Bulldog January 29, 2006
The act of your body evicting tainted food from your guts.
I KNEW we shouldn't have gone to that mobile taco truck after the bar. My guts are rolling and I'm going to have to perform an Asshole Exorcism as soon as we get home.
by Bulldog August 03, 2012
Monkey Juice is heroin in its liquid form mixed with Visine. The drug is kept in the Visine bottle and one or two drops are dropped into the eyes. The heroin is absorbed by the membranes in the eye, causing an almost instant high. This drug is used to subdue kidnap victims so they won't put up a fight. Human Traffickers also use it to kidnap woman often from area just off the Interstate.
Don't accepts Visine from strangers, it could be Monkey Juice!!
by Bulldog August 24, 2008
wearing of clothing indicating membership in a biker organization
Sign on country bar reads:
"Sorry, NO COLORS"
by bulldog May 16, 2004
enzo fuckin d. dhc kung fu niggaz
dogz of war
enzo d. got down douring nothing ta loose

by BULLDOG October 03, 2004
little pussy emo kid who cries and mopes all the time over dumb shit
kyle: whats wrong dave?
dave: tammy said i'm suffocating her
by BULLDOG October 02, 2004
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