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When surfing Reddit.com and you come across two posts in sequence, that have an unintended correlation with each other.

A blending of the words Reddit (the web site) and Serendipity ( pleasant surprise, or happy accident).
The following posts are an example of Redditdipity

Post #195: Original Poster is mentioning losing his virginity did not match up to standards set by pornography

Post 196: Picture of South Park Ski instructor mentioning that if you think losing your virginity will be like porn, you'll have a bad time
#reddit #serendipity #related posts #happy reddit accident #reddit combination
by BToxic March 28, 2013
When something disturbs or disgusts you enough that you vomit a little bit into your mouth. ( A small enough quantity that it's less disturbing to swallow it )
Thinking about Baconaise makes me welsh.
#throw-up #vomit #barf #mouth #swallow
by BToxic February 26, 2012
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