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The same as Wet Wrigley Gum except when the man tries to cockslap the woman, she manages to grab it and take a bite out of it as revenge.
Nick tried to perform the Wet Wrigley Gum on a girl, but instead she performed the Cherry Flavored Wrigley Gum, he was very disppointed.
by BTNJ May 07, 2006
While doing a girl doggystyle, you pull it out, turn her around, look her in the eyes, and say "I'm Chuck Norris bitch" - you then roundhouse kick her in the boobs and piss on her face, then you say "Your under arrest."
Nick performed the Walker, Texas Ranger on Alex's sister.
by BTNJ May 07, 2006
When a full grown man tries to cocksmack a woman but his penis is so small it feels like a wet piece of wrigley gum is smacking her in the face, hence the name - Wet Wrigley Gum.
Nick tried to cockslap Jordan but ended up performing The Wet Wrigley Gum.
by BTNJ May 07, 2006
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