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adj., past tense - The act of doing something that was supposed to be good but turned out EXTREMELY bad.
Person 1: Ugh! I failed my math test!
Person 2: Sorry, dude. I guess you Bieber'd it.
by BTM13 July 14, 2011
An annoying, spoiled 12-year-old brat whose rich Daddy pays a company to let her make extremely terrible music videos. "My Jeans" was terrible. Then, while we all thought that it couldn't get any worse than "My Jeans," "OMG" came out. The video is WAY too much. Provocative dancing, slutty outfits, and the promotion of childhood prostitution make it disgustingly awful. Plus, her lyrics are self-centered in such a way that it makes you just want to punch her right in the head.
With the videos she makes, Jenna Rose is destined to be kidnaped by a pedophile rapist. And then become a prostitute when she grows up.

Jenna Rose, I'm warning you, stop making videos and protect yourself. It's a crazy world out there.
by BTM13 July 12, 2011
"LOL" is a popular internet abbreviation for "laugh out loud."

1. It is often mistaken by parents as "lots of love."

2. It is often used in texting and online chats when things get awkward, or when there is nothing else to say.
1. When texting your mom:
Mom: "Grandma died. LOL"
You: WTF?
2. When texting a person you don't know too well:
Person: "I forgot my homework the other day and my teacher yelled at me!"
You: LOL I gotta go now.
by BTM13 December 28, 2011
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