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A female that exhibits both the characteristics of a chubby spawn from Satan and complete bitch.
I went over to hook up with a girl last night, but she told me Kate Plus Eight comes on in ten minutes. That girl was a total chunt.
by BTM February 17, 2012
used in conjunction with the phrases 'sweet fanny adams' or 'sweet fuck all' or sweet f.a. A parting message to those you are leaving to let them know that you're not thinking about them while you're gone
A : 'I'm leaving now'

B : 'Bring me back something!'

A : 'OK I'll bring you back something sweet...sweet fuck all!'
by btm November 20, 2006
Followed by the word 'business', meant to be a quick pronounciation of 'none of your'. Useful for when stickynose people ask questions such as 'where are you going?', 'who was that on the telephone?' that are none of their concern.
A : 'Hey who was that girl I saw you with last night?'

B : 'Narnia'

A : 'Narnia?'

B : 'Yeah, Narnia Business'
by btm November 20, 2006

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