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The type of kid and or lifeless adult who complains about new pokémon games being made purely for the fact that they like the original 151. When asked to defend they can't, and they don't realize that even pokémon past generation II are based off of animals as well and not all in generation I are. They are the kind of person who has no artistic talent, as they do not understand how much effort goes into designing characters (esp. creatures). They are unimaginative and obnoxious to listen to. Usually are found around 4chan.
"-Hey man only the original 151 pokemon are good
-Would you prefer they release red/blue/yellow 15 times with slightly altered graphics?
-Would you prefer they release red/blue/yellow 15 with a different gimmick each time?
-You're such a freaking pokéhipster..."
by BTKookies January 09, 2011

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