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Haley Mills = Broken Toy Airplanes.

It's a band and she has amazing music.
All her songs are pure emotion like she said, and it's totally true.

Songs of hers like Estrella and Trashbag are so relaxing and beautiful they just make you think about life and it's ups and downs.

Some of her older songs such as Promises and i'm not the latest style have much more of an electronic vibe and make you just wanna spin around and circle and laugh until you cry.

Haley is pretty much one of the most amazing people and musicians EVER.

Oh and one of her biggest inspirations is Dan from Playradioplay! I would say her music is like the girl version of his, except a bit different. Both are amazing and make music with true meaning unlike many artists in todays time.

Me: I love BTA. Haley is amazing.
Stupid person: Who is dat?
Me: Only one of the most amazing people in the world.
Stupid person: i dunt get it!.!.?
Me: OMG!!! Haley = BTA.
Bta = Broken Toy airplanes.
Stupid person: waa dat mean?
Me: Just go to myspace.com/brokentoyairplanes
Stupid person: k but im still confused..
by BTAfan October 01, 2008

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