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7 definitions by BT4a

(Aus) A person from the city or overseas with no farming experience who goes to work on a cattle or sheep station to learn farming and experience "the bush" or just to get away from it all for a while.
He's gone up the Top End to work as a jackaroo for six months.
by BT4a November 05, 2011
5 2
The maximum speed of a vehicle
That car will do 150mph at the top end
by BT4a November 04, 2011
2 0
The northern (top) part of Australia's Northern Territory. Roughly that part which is north of Latitude 18 degrees South.
I'm a Ringer from the top end
by BT4a November 04, 2011
2 1
Feminine form of Jackaroo
Dianne: "I'm so excited, I've got a job as a Jilleroo on Wuuluuman Station.
by BT4a November 05, 2011
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Corruption of maximum
Reached the limits of capacity in any way, speed, volume, tolerance etc. No more to give
I tried to download that song but my sister was on-line and the bandwidth was maxxed out
by BT4a November 04, 2011
1 1
Dimunitive of maximum.

As far as you can go, the top limit of speed, capacity, tolerance etc.
I was pushing the car to the max but I still couldn't catch him.
by BT4a November 04, 2011
4 4
Normally a sporting term but can be appled to any team situation.

Someone, not a regular member of a team, who has been surreptitiously brought in for one match because they have superior skills to the person who normally plays in that position.

In horse racing, A fast horse disguised as, and racing under the name of a known slow horse. So those involved can bet at high odds and get a large winning payout from the bookmakers
Lookout, they're playing a ring in at full back

One of the biggest scandals in Australian horse racing was the Fine Cotton ring in
by BT4a November 04, 2011
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