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1 definition by BSC Undergrad

A liberal arts college in Bridgewater, MA that is regionally known as a "teachers college" but, in fact, offers comprehensive curricula in many departments.

BSC has a large commuter population which detracts from an academic atmosphere despite that many of the faculty and staff are highly qualified. A majority of unenthused students fail to take advantage of the plethora of activities and opportunities offered by the college. The remaining minority go on to do fantastic things with their lives while freed of the immense debt incurred by ivy league and private school students.

Many BSC students drink their lives away. The institution, however, offers much more than that.
I'm thrilled I received such a fantastic education (and so many incredible opportunities) at Bridgewater State College and am still graduating with no debt! WHOO!!
by BSC Undergrad January 06, 2008