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the legal way to steal. Only requires that you say the word "Yoink" and then take desired object.
"Hey, that's a nice bottle of rum you've got there... 'YOINK!'"
by Brand August 31, 2003
in turkish: i want to fuck hard someone
<Memet> Fatma,ornor sikeim the boots of speed?
by Brand February 06, 2005
A party which is thrown by private school students, but turns out to be an amazing bash...filled with beer, liquor, weed and sex.
Jamamabot this weekend!!!!
by Brand February 09, 2004
means more,much,many in turkish
chok giuzel baksana...
by Brand February 06, 2005
uber 1337 word,used by the turkish 31337 hax0rs .. means SEE
<Memet> Mumun,baksana bash sikish guzel networks?
by Brand February 06, 2005
the condition of having excessive head fat; being fat to the point of impossibility.
"Would you like fries with that, fathat?"
by Brand August 31, 2003
Short way to say Wheel Of Time,uber gosu books
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
by Brand February 06, 2005

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