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A highly regarded, exclusive American Express Card issued by "invitation only" to current AmEx holders with high incomes and A+ credit. This card entitles its holders to VIP access, upgraded flights, event tickets, and special treatment at department stores and such. A $2500 fee is payed by each of its card holders annually. Also known as a "Centurion" card.
"I'm sorry Sir, tickets are sold out"
::man pulls out black card::
"I'm sorry Sir, how does front row and backstage access sound?"

"I'm under 21 with a Black Card" -Bow Wow
by BRP October 03, 2005
An ancient tribe in Africa named the "Moamback". However rare to find a member of this tribe in the United States, it is however, not impossible. Most commonly seen at construction sites or where heavy machinary is used.
Usually the "Moamback" is the person in charge of directing the dump trucks, or the cement trucks. However, not the driver of these trucks, their job is important. They are usually behind the trucks, hollaring "Moamback" to the driver.
by BRP October 06, 2005
An ancient tribe once roamed Africa named the "Moetea". However rare, it is without doubt you will find a member of this tribe in the most common of places, a restaurant, right here in the U.S.
Easy to spot, they are usually carrying such an important item like tea. If you are a tea drinker than you surely have come across one, when they lean over and ax you "Moetea?"
by BRP October 06, 2005
An African Tribe who dominated Africa years ago. Occasionally you will see one of these dying tribal members right here in the U.S. of A. at a bus stop, with a puzzling look on their face.
Axing da bus driva..."Dewda bus stop here?"
by BRP October 06, 2005

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