1 definition by BROOKLYN JUICE

:Going L.A.M. - The opposite or in direct contradiction to "Going H.A.M."

:L.A.M. - Lame As a Muthaf%@#ah.

:Ones in ability to be more than lame. In fact, to be so lame one might just sing the Kanye West & Jay-Z song replacing the accronym H.A.M.
:Going L.A.M. - A person caught wearing a Sheep skin coat that gives the appeal as though they just woke up from a 25+ year coma.
Tray and Jai'nah met up at a the club one night, and decided after the club to have a little party of their own. After bringing Jai'nah to his apartment; She and Tray go into the bed room to have sex. Tray, to his own belief thought he was GOING H.A.M (Hard As a MuthaF%@#ah) in the bed, when in fact, according to Jai'nah was really Going L.A.M. (Lame As a MuthaF%@#ah).
by BROOKLYN JUICE February 18, 2011

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