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Rainbow Dash is a main character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is surprisingly tomboyish, doesn't care about how she looks. She is incredibly fast, and capable of pulling of a Sonic Rainboom, which requires a pegasus to accelerate to hypersonic speed. NOT to mention the Rainboom itself is a deadly shock wave.

However, she is not without her character flaws, she has a temper that may cause her to try and attack an antagonist who was being a jerk. Can be insensitive and arrogant. Even though the arrogance was down a notch after The Mysterious Mare Do Well, she still does have some. Not to mention she is quite brash.

But despite that, she never leaves her friends hanging, and cannot abandon them for her own heart's desire.
1) Non Brony: Rainbow Dash? Isn't that the girly idiot from the 2003 MLP?

Brony: NO, I mean the TOMBOYISH 2010-Now pegasus who can break the LIGHT SPECTRUM!

Non Brony: Uh...
by BRONY II Supersoldier July 06, 2012

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