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Quirky, fun, innocent, hilarious. Misunderstood ALL the time. if you get to know her you'll spend the rest of your life how you've lived without her. Always likes to brighten up people's day. Don't be a bitch to her. She sometimes has a hard time fitting in because of how naive she is. But once she's with the right people, she's a frickin firecracker! Funniest person in the room, bubbly and likes to dance (Only if she feels REALLY comfortable with you) Gorgeous, but will never realize it, great at most sports, fit, talented and smart. Sucks at math. Can't even utter a single word around the guy she likes and stands there and giggles like a babbling fool. Gets teased all the time because she is found "weird and try-hardy" by the people who don't know her. Great with adults. Super kind, but procrastinates a lot.
"Talia just lights up the room when she walks in!"
by BRIGHTIE January 12, 2013

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