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Very funny but very dumb person that luvs to drink my balls!!!!!!!!
i wuff u denessia....if only u were smarter ...lol j/k
by Bri February 13, 2004
manged monkey it is a clean shaved pussy
damn that girls got a manged monkey
by bri December 29, 2004
Any one that thinks that we are having sex when we break eachother's bracelets has a sick and twisted mind. Who the hell cares about it. I don't fuck anyone when my bracelets get broken. It's not our fault there was a sexual lable put on it!!!!!!! Blame the people promoting it not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life people! If people didn't make such a big deal about it than it would still we could wear them w/out being judged and labeled! But isn't that what they're trying to teach us! To judge people? To label them?
Black: all the way
Clear: wild card
Blue: Blow job
I don't know the rest. Why bother?
by Bri December 17, 2004
Shorthand for Nothing/Not much.
Person 1: What's up?
Person 2: nm
by Bri March 08, 2004
a replacement for the overused expression "word" usually said while giving a "high fist" to a friend after something deserving of said action.
bird! ('nuff said)
by bri July 11, 2003
Thiz party iz bumpin u know crunk! ...
by Bri November 24, 2002
See also "Jim (James) Prebil"
"Jim was screming "g-g-g g-unit!!!" but i bet if a REAL gangsta rolled up on him he would piss himeself. What a wanksta..."
by Bri November 20, 2003

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