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Phrase used to describe a girl's vagina when it is too tight or nesarly too tight for her partner's penis to penetrate. While it is common for a virgin to be as tight as a vise, many sexually active young women can be this tight for quite awhile, sometimes until they have a child or they have sex with a partner who has a large girth.
Amy had been having sex for seven years with her first lover but was tight as a vise when I met her because my penis was three or four times thicker than her previous lover. She could not get it in when she tried to mount me that first time, so I had to use some KY and had to push really hard. I couldn't believe it when she bled the first time we had sex because her hymen had never been completely torn. She remained tight as a vise until we had children.
by BRD May 04, 2005
A new twist on an old favorite. This is very similar to a key party, but usually held at colleges or during high school where the couples are not all able to drive to their residence to consumate the evening.

When the time has come to pair off, the gals take off their panties and they are put into a bag. The men blindly select a pair with the girl's name pinned to them. This determine who he is going to have sex with.
My sister invited me to a panty party when I was a sophomore. It was so exciting not knowing who I was going to have sex with. I would have never have though of having sex with Barry before the party, but enjoyed it so much that we have been dating ever since. We've even been to a few more panty parties since.
by BRD October 24, 2004
A man's ejaculate in his partner's mouth
Jim expected me to gargle his mouthwash after I gave him a blow job yesterday, Sue told her friend Jennifer. I did it before swallowing, but I hope thee boys get more mature when we get to high school.
by BRD May 04, 2005
A really tight vagina
Sally was like a vise when I made love to her last night. Even though she's just a freshman, she swears she wasn't a virgin. There was no blood, so she didn't have a hymen, but it was extremey hard to get in. It felt wonderfull once I did penetrate her.
by BRD May 04, 2005
A term used to describe a virgin girl whose hymen is intact at the time of her first penetration. When she is first penetrated, whether by a finger, a penis, or some other object, her hymen tears and bleeds.
I had no idea April was a bleeder when I fingered her at the movies last night. She's so cute, I thought someone would have popped her cherry by now. If I had known, I would have waited to do it with my penis. It just goes to show you that you need to ask, especially with pre-high school girls. Drat!
by BRD May 05, 2005
Performing oral sex on a gal immediately after breaking a gals hymen and it bleeds.
I felt bad that it hur her so bad when I made love to my virgin girlfriend Vicky. There was blood everywhere but she felt better when I ate her cherry sundae.
by BRD October 24, 2004
1. A childs toy that is round and allows a child to spin wildly around by grasping a wheel and pulling themselves around.

2. A sexual practice where a man lays on his back and his partner sits on top of him inserting his penis into whatever opening is desired then the partner on top spins around 180 degrees or 360 degrees while remaining engaged with the man laying on his back.
Instead of pulling off of me last night when she wanted to change positions, she did a "sit and spin" to face the other direction. That felt so good that I almost had an orgasmm before she was done rotating.
by BRD October 24, 2004
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