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A phrase, usually used to be crude, indicating the age by which a girl should be having sex. "Old enough to bleed" refers to the age a girl begins menstruation, usually around 12, but can be between 8 and 16 years of age. "Old enough to breed" means that when she mensrtruates she can have children, but of course she can not have children unless she has sexual intercourse.

Another way to rephrase this is "if she has started getting her period, she is old enough to have sex". Of course in many cultures, a girl is usually under the age of consent when she begins her period, so the result could be statuory rape. However, the female body begins menstruation earlier than the age of consent because years and years ago, humans did not live long, so it was necessary for the survival of the the species. For example, during the Roman Empire, the average life expectancy was 22 years.

Pheromones released during ovulation attract males to females who are able to bare children and cause them to become erect and desire intercourse with the ovulating female, so before civilization imposed restrictions on human sexuality, females would become sexually active when the began ovulating. While this is not a justification to have sex with underaged girls, it does explain why human females are able to have children long before society permits them to have sex.

At face value, the phrase states the obvious truth that once she begins menstruation, she can begin to have children, but as stated above, this is not how the phrases is commonly used.
Overheard at a junior high school party:

"I can't believe you went all the way with Sally, she's only 12!"

"Yeah, well, you know what they say... 'old enough to bleed, old enough to breed'. She was hot and horny too, you know."
by BRD February 24, 2006
The act of two or more couples swapping mates for sexual gratification for some period of time, usually a noght or weekend. Sometimes it is done in the same place and other times the couples go back to either the woman's or the man's residence to be more private.
Next weekend Jim is going to Frank and Sue's home while Frank comes to Jim's home to have sex with Jan during their semi-annual wife swapping party. Frank enjoys having sex with Sue because she is so cute, but really loves his wife Jan.
by BRD October 10, 2004
A term describing a girl who gives blow jobs to just about anybody at any time.

Often a BJ Queen will give several blow jobs to different guys at a junior high or high school party.
Jaimie set herself up in Bob's room during his party last week and gave a BJ to anybody who wanted one. She's the BJ Queen of our middle school.

I went to her late in the party. She was a mess. She had her top off as well as her skirt. There was cum in her hair, on her chest, and her panties were covered as well. She asked if I wanted her to swallow or if I wanted to cum on her tits or her panties. After she swallowed my load I asked her how she could do so many guys without her mouth getting tired and she said that she loved doing it so it didn't bother her.
by BRD July 10, 2005
A short form of the phease "hand job". A sexual practice, usually first practived in the pre- or early teen years, where a girl masterbates a guy with her hand. Handies often lead to harder forms of sex, such as blow jobs, which initially is just a handie where she puts her mouth over the top of the penis until he ejaculates into her mouth instead of into the air.
Bob's little sister Paula was teasing me so much that I finally told her to either stop it or she'd have to give me a handie to take care of the arousal she caused. Being curious about what a handie was, she let me teach her how to do it. She even took her top off so I could cum on her developing breasts. A month later, a handie led to me cumming in her mouth.
by BRD November 22, 2004
A penis which is inordinately large in either length or girth or both.
At Jimmy's party last night, I hooked up with Paul who had an absolute monster. I didn't think it would fit, but I found some lube and condoms in Jimmy's sister's nightstand. The condom didn't fit, but with the lube, we worked him in. I think my hymen must not have been completely gone because I bled more than I did last year when I lost my virginity at the junior high graduation party.
by BRD August 28, 2005
A girl who has never had a penis in her mouth.
Even though Suzy had been having sex with her boyfriend Ben for almost a year, she is still a mouth virgin because she is afraid he'll ejaculate in her mouth and she thinks that is disgusting.

Suzy's younger sister Donna, however, is no longer a mouth virgin. She gave Ben a blow job one night when Suzy wasn't home and Ben convinced her that it was ok for her to do it. Ben then took Donna's finger virginity before Suzy returned from the library.
by BRD October 27, 2004
A girl who has not even had a finger in her vagina, so she is a virgin to fingers.
Suzy was a finger virgin until last night on our date. It was tight and there was blood on my fingers afterward, but she isn't a finger virgin anymore.
by BRD October 24, 2004

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