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That cheesy, sweaty buildup between the scrotum and high inner thigh. Used as a derogatory term.
Shut your stupid face, Nut Sludge!
by BRAVOMAXXX May 13, 2011
A large ass that wiggles in a decidedly NON-erotic manner, much like the movement of the pendulous, undulating gelatin sac jowls of a morbidly obese politician on a particularly intense verbal tirade.
Did you catch a glance at the Chuggle Butt on that chick? Disgusting!
by BRAVOMAXXX August 29, 2011
Mouth. Used as an insult, implying that the target's words are nothing more than mouse-like, insignificant squeaks.
Shut your squeak hole, Melvin!
by BRAVOMAXXX May 13, 2011
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