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Originated by Manowar, they originally used it to describe the music of the Glam/Hair bands of the Eighties. In a modern context, it can be used to describe numerous Nu-Metal bands.

"Manowar waged open verbal, and occasionally physical, warfare upon those who could not genuinely play their instruments or who were half hearted in embracing the true spirit of their beloved heavy metal"

-Manowar: Anthology. Inset by Dave Ling.
That poser only likes False Metal.

Quit listening to that False Metal and stick some Manowar on!
by BPRW August 11, 2004
Defined by Manowar as one that cannot listen to Heavy Metal, and in his defensive will usually give reasons such as 'It all sounds the same' and 'You can't hear what he is saying'
"We don't attract wimps, caus we're too loud" Manowar - Kings of Metal
by BPRW August 11, 2004
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