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to committ sexual abuse with a monkey
OH MY GOD!!! You committed SHAME!!!
by boys May 08, 2005
when ones pants are stretched out due to penis elongation
When eric middleman sees a young child covered in spoiled milk
by Boys October 17, 2003
A very hot, yet mysterious woman, who always sits by herself during class. However, when she takes u back to her room after a night out, this quiet girl transforms into a sexaholic. Along with her personality transformation, her room, with a push of a button, also physically transforms into a sex dungeon, with you being her prisoner...
"Yo, i bet that blazin blonde in our film class is a dungeon lady. She's so innocent yet so medival!"
by BOys November 24, 2003
Not many, quat, sometimes none or lats.
I like you many times.

I've many done my Textbook Steve outers.
by Boys March 19, 2005
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