49 definitions by BObo D. HObo

A highly leet noob.
Usually attending RMHS
Rocco: blake!

leet: Hax0r!!1
by BObo D. HObo May 07, 2005
Site Owned By BObo D. Hobo about soldat, the Online Multiplayer Game. Includes Maps and MODs for soldat, also a guest book and shoutbox.
bobodhobo.tk needs more content, and BObo needs to make some buttons in Adobe Illustrator, then i would give it a leet point
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
tall opened mouth, frustrated
by BObo D. HObo April 29, 2004
Falling Off Crate Funny

-word created by BObo D. HObo fore he does not always have a chair, but a crate
lol, thats focf.
by BObo D. HObo April 29, 2004
What BObo D. HObo says when he does extreme in games!
Soldier:wtf, u h4xor! eyem mad! asdf
BObo D. HObo:sha! eat it!
Soldier:you gay n00b
BObo D. HObo:wtf?! i just killed you 6x in a row!
Soldier:So im never gonna register soldat even though i werk @ McDonalds and live wif my mom
BObo D. HObo:..
BObo D. HObo:uh, i just knifed you!
Soldier:yeah well i know a glitch
BObo D. HObo:u do it wrong, don't throw grenades @ yer face....
BObo D. HObo:er- u spelled it-
Soldier:Shutup i can kill u in Unreal..
BObo D. HObo: You just walked off a cliff :|
Soldier:you just wish you could do it-
BObo D. HObo: You crap head, silly goose i just yoinked yer flag :)
Soldier: Yeah well...
BObo D. HObo: cap! sha!
by BObo D. HObo April 28, 2004
Someone who plays soldat! skates! pwn5 y3r h0t m0M!!&#8252;

Weapons of choice: DEagles, ruger, other...
Secondaries: LAW, Knife, Socom, Chainsaw. bot sometimes you need different guns for diffrent situatation

BObo D. HObo aka Snipedmyself
BObo D. HObo is a hacker! nvm, a lagger! no...he just does not suck...im s000 jelly ice! he is not that good though cos he like 2 mess around alot. like wif teh mini! yeah w00t!
by BObo D. HObo April 27, 2004
¥- japanese currency, yen

£- Britland Currency, Liero

ñ- accented "n" usually used in words like niño

î was very bored on my keypad!
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004

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