49 definitions by BObo D. HObo

distracted: Honestplayer5 just kicked playerones' arse

Ignores gameplay: whoa, pwneded! look at he death console!
by BObo D. HObo August 02, 2004
Crimper for the little pluggy for Cat5e and Phone plates
Frog: Get me the Puncher Downer thing!
snake: wanna drink?
frog: sure.
by BObo D. HObo July 29, 2004
Points Randomly Passed out by BObo D. HObo

<BObo>ow, that was nice, have a leet point!
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
Falling Off Crate Funny
hahahaha you pwned that n00b! man LOL, thats focf. ha ha ha ha.
by BObo D. HObo April 27, 2004
BAttery used in many small devices such as Sega Dreamvast Memory cards and a PC mother boards internal clock
Dammit! i was playin' the mini game for Sega GT and my battery died, i can't afford CR2032's so i hooked up a rechargable battery for remote control cars
by BObo D. HObo July 29, 2004
1- a Hacker

2- to hack
1- eye are tay haxer that r leet!

2- i haxereded u!
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
How do you vote for a word here?
i dunno!
by BObo D. HObo April 29, 2004

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