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a person of great influence and power over another individual, a primary authority figure, who is both a disciplinarian and nurterer
he's not just my best friend, he's my daddy
by Boyo January 18, 2005
A dialect used in most of Wales (UK). It is mainly used in the south Wales, popularised by the 'Valley folk'. The common trends are to use terms which double up and sound stupid (but to us it is perfectly normal), for example "I'll be there now in a minute". Missing out letters or adding words for no reason, "He's most probly with 'is brother down the club".
Just watch the movie Twin Town, set in Swansea (a city in south/west Wales". More examples can be found at www.talktidy.com
by boyo June 02, 2004
an ultra dense super being with a nose for excellence.(inbred)
Pass me some buttered roles?
by BOYO November 15, 2004
daark's CS sidekick. When daark dies, Oculis is always first to be blamed, then Oculis gets revenge for daark, his master.

His main skill is getting 1 shot headshots.
daark and Oculis are like Batman and Robin
by BOYO November 16, 2004
One of the most cocky CS players in the internet world. Thinks he can beat everyone, when all he can beat is a bot.
Haha, did you see that Player head shot Haldolin with a glock?
by BOYO November 16, 2004
fo shizzle=for shizzlie=fo sure=for sure
"fo shaganoff is the gayest slang word i've ever heard. the fuck???? sounds like a food"
by boyo October 20, 2004
One of the best CS players in the entire galaxy, not to mention the best at every other game ever thought of. A Prime example of 1337.
Holy shit daark, you just owned 99 guys with one clip!
by BOYO November 16, 2004
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