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1) The process of tearing into food products (ie consume grind eat )

2) The process, not the end result, of defeating someone soundly ( end result see ownage) See also owning and own
Man I am rending this night elf so bad!
by Bowen November 11, 2003
A stange dwarfed equine derived from the mating of a pony and a donkey.Commonly white in colour with black extemitys
Hey quentin that donkey look as though its trying to climb over that pony but cant quite make it.................. SOME MONTHS LATER: W.T.F is that! is that a ponkey?
by BOWEN May 11, 2006
Death Knight; warrior Undead hero; can learn death coil, death pact, unholy aura, and animate dead
Crap, how'd that DK get to level 7 so fast?!
by Bowen November 11, 2003
Night Elf hero with main attribute of agility. Can learn Mana Burn, Immolation, Evasion, and Metamorphosis
Man, my level 10 DH OWNZ!
by Bowen November 11, 2003

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