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4 definitions by BOOKMAN

a blunt way of saying Stupid.

Its always used in random Thought...
If you see your someone doing something out of the ordinary you'd all look at eachother and say "STUPE!!"
by BOOKMAN April 28, 2005
26 5
Clueminatti: Those who have a clue, the informed.

Derived from: Illuminatti
You aren't one of the clueminatti, are ya?
by bookman November 25, 2004
11 7
a slang term for isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.
I don't want to put alcorub on my cut. because it burns.
by BOOKMAN August 22, 2005
4 3
Slang for "The Sport" or "MarchingSport" Used my Members of Marchingsport.com
Ay Man, You Been On The Spote Today?

What Are You Doin' On The Net?

Im On The Spote!
by BOOKMAN November 13, 2004
6 5