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A logarithmic scale used to express how bofl something is. Normal values are 1-10, 10 being the most extreme.
<Stan> I'm a perfect 10 on the boflichter scale.
by BOLIVER February 02, 2003
The word created by the combination of rofl and bofl. It takes on the meanings of both words.
<Stan> boliver said take her out to some cheezy restaurant heheh
<hohoh0> robofl, boliver is horrid
by BOLIVER February 02, 2003
An expression used to signify something good has happened, or can be used to express congratulations. Its antonym is count one for the away team.
<hohoh0> Why dont you msg your gf telling her IM GONNA GET A PUSSY AND BOOB JOB, I BET YOULL LUB ME UP. she'd think we're the most horrid people EVER eheh
<Stan> nah she would count one for the home team
by BOLIVER February 03, 2003
An antonym for the word pupback. It is used to communicate a failed pupback.
BAOOH enters the chat
<Boliver> just call it a trashback, BAOOH
by BOLIVER February 03, 2003

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