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Another name for Mcdonalds, so called because of the unhealthy food served there. (See Dirty Snack)
Feeling in the mood for a Big Mac, Dave decided to visit Dirty Donalds.
by BOBtheDAZZLER March 02, 2009
A combination of trance and fantastic.

Used to describe the most amazing Trance DJ set, song or event.

Tiesto's set was Trancetastic!
by BOBtheDAZZLER March 03, 2009
The name given to any kind of unhealthy food. Burgers, Chocolate, cake, crisps, chips. (the good stuff!)
Feeling a bit hungary, Dave went to the vending machine for a dirty snack.
by BOBtheDAZZLER March 02, 2009
A kind of sex version of Buckaroo. Usually played by a man wishing to get his ass dumbed by his girlfriend.

Whilst doing it Doggy style, shout out anothers girls name and then see how long you can stay on the bucking be-atch!

Daves girlfriend literally jumped out of bed when he sceamed his ex gilfriends name during sex... But he was happy to beat his 10second Fuckaroo record.
by BOBtheDAZZLER March 03, 2009

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