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32 definitions by BMoney

Placing the highest denomination note, like a c note on the bottom of a stack of bills and then folding it up to give the appearance that you have a stack of c note's, or in any case a lot more money than you actually have. Primarily used for showing off or showin up.
How much money you got son, (pulls out the gypsy roll), "I got enough" - "Oh, oh, oh, we got us a high roller up in here"
by BMoney July 31, 2006
11 8
It's nothing personal just business. Commonly said in response when someone tries to extremely haggle with the price of something or tries ro get it for free.
I'm sorry but, I can't go that that that low, It's all about the rent
by BMoney January 27, 2005
7 4
A spreadsheet a financial program that was created in the 1980s and quickly became a killer app. A spreadsheet is like a calculator on steroids. Not only can it perform basic mathematical computations but, you can create formulas within the spreadsheet and link the numbers together.

The magical part of a spreadsheet is that when you make a change to one number in the spreadsheet, you can see instantly how it affects the other number(s) on the sheet. In a sense, you can simulate the outcome of a math equation, your money, or anything else that deals with numbers before you actually do it in rl. It is an amazing application.
Lotus 1-2-3, Microsost Excel, Visicalc are all spreadsheets with Visicalc being the granddaddy of them all
by BMoney June 01, 2006
13 11
An intimate interacial relationship between a man and woman
Look at Dawyne over there with Samantha, dude he's macin
by BMoney January 27, 2005
53 51
With great zeal, enthuziasm, and passion.
You can pursue them with powerballistic interest.
by BMoney August 25, 2003
2 0
Told when you kick a pregnant woman or a group of pregnant women out of your crib for disrespectin or failure to ask for something nicely
Pregnant woman: "Get in here and get me some water!"

You: "What's the magic word"

Pregnant woman: "Now!"

You: "Don't be disrespectin me up in my house, you know what, forget it -- get the waddlin"
by BMoney January 30, 2005
2 2
The penis of an african-american male. Typically gigantic in size.
Nah man, she's used to pure afrocock.
by BMoney August 28, 2003
13 14