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Adj: Used to describe a female that is currently in a relationship with someone else
Jon: "Look at Tonya over there, she's lookin fine"

Bobby: "Don't bother, she got scooped up just last week"
by BMoney January 28, 2005
A person who is still alive
You still breathin, I heard they wanted you dead
by BMoney January 26, 2005
A person with humble beginnings who rises to great fame and acknowledges the city they came from
In St. Loius, Nelly has keys to the city
by BMoney January 26, 2005
adj. superlative. Really lame, as lame as possible. (coined by Patrick Gibbs)
"Man, that shit sucks."

"Yeah, it's lame-o supreme-o."
by bmoney August 05, 2004
One who gets free pizzas courtesy of the pizza company or an unknown source.
Man, he's such a pizza stud.
by BMoney August 27, 2003
Placing the highest denomination note, like a c note on the bottom of a stack of bills and then folding it up to give the appearance that you have a stack of c note's, or in any case a lot more money than you actually have. Primarily used for showing off or showin up.
How much money you got son, (pulls out the gypsy roll), "I got enough" - "Oh, oh, oh, we got us a high roller up in here"
by BMoney July 31, 2006
One who does not discriminate in their dating or mating choices (no particular preference). Suits those who commonly fall in love with a persons personality or outlook on life
Sandra is an equal opportunity employer, she will go out with anybody
by BMoney March 11, 2005
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