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2 definitions by BMoD

A very sweet, cute, loving Dino.

She is a cutie-pie.

She enjoys sitting at her computer, Making dinosaur noises, talking to her boyfriend; And ignoring him too. And long naps in her bed.

Beware of this type of Dino. If you catch it in a grumpy mood, you might lose your head.

And it might not be the head you're thinking of. ^.~

^The call of the Celine-a-saur.
by BMoD January 14, 2005
A very deprived person.

Real Name: Francesca.. i think.

Has never Watched, or Played Pokemon.

Can't get a boyfriend because of it.
Checca: ditto
ayric: reminds me of pokemon!
Checca: do they say that alot in pokemon?
ayric: theres a pokemon named ditto.. didnt you ever watch pokemon
Checca: no
ayric: you are deprived.
ayric: no wonder you cant get a boyfriend! YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED POKEMON!
by BMoD January 14, 2005