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A virtual pet, approximately the size of a pager, that was popular in the mid-90's.
"I have to masturbate my Tamagotchi weekly or else it gets pissy and keys my car."
by BMWGGANTMSFU January 25, 2010
Having a complete lack of care.
"I don't give two shits about the dolphins"
by BMWGGANTMSFU February 01, 2010
The perfect combination of swear words. Not to bad. But bad enough. Flows off the tongue.

Can be used to exclaim any type of strong emotion.
"Shit Ass Titties it's freezing outside!"

"Shit Ass Titties, I'm so excited about our trip tomorrow!"

"Shit Ass Titties he's about to kick that rednecks ass"

"Shit Ass Titties I locked my keys in the car"

or just

by BMWGGANTMSFU February 08, 2010
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