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The Greater Deity of the true world. He is believed to have actually be the father of Chuck Norris. Used for measurement of awesomeness.
Oh my, it'd take Bryan LaVergne to stop that train!
by BML0322 May 06, 2009
Films regarding the "happily ever after" theme that are normally watched by depressed teens after an intense breakup
Bryan: Hey where is Ayah?

Jeremy: Oh she is at her house watching some mourn porn, Keith Stone really did dump her hard.
by BML0322 January 29, 2011
The act of targeting someones body with your eyes when the sexual power is so strong. The power is incredible to the point where your eyes will not move and your mind will go blank.
Jeremy: Hey Bryan.

*Bryan doesn't respond*

Jeremy: Wants wrong with him?

Karly: Oh, he is body locking onto Irene right now.
by BML0322 January 30, 2011
The practice of an ancient, more hardcore style of belly dancing. It involves the practitioner to slam their abdomen into the face/faces of the subject/subjects
Bryan: Jeremy, what's wrong with your face?

Jeremy: I went to Ayah's house and her mom engaged into an epic belly slamming spell.

Bryan: Very nice.
by BML0322 January 29, 2011
A sad pitiful loser that has to pick up cards.
I played Cowboys and Indians with Tedd, I was the Cowboy and his ass through cards everywhere
by BML0322 May 06, 2009

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