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A Catholic that does not live by the changes that were made in the the Church as a result of Vatican II. Most of the time they attend a Latin mass, the women wear dresses, don't eat meat on Friday, don't send their kids to public school, have loads of kids, say the rosary every day, say grace before and after meals and don't listen to modern music or use bad language. They come in varying degrees of weirdness. Some are just normal, well-behaved and modestly-dressed Catholics. Others, usually the ones that live in the middle of nowhere stick out. I could go on and on describing their various peculiarities but I think I covered all of the basics.
Girl: Who are those freakin' weird people over there in the long ass skirts? That's disgusting that they have more than 3 kids! They must be crazy! They need to get liberated! I'm sure they're judging us right now!
Traditional Catholic: Who's judging?
by BMDC September 16, 2010
Named after Gisele Bundchen. An attractive and dominating chin on a female face. Look at gisele's chin! It is large and defined and beautiful!
Girl: Your chin is too big! Model: Your nose is too big! Maybe if someone took some of that bone out of your nose and put it on your jaw, you would have a Bund-chin too!
by BMDC August 29, 2010
When one picks up a book and reads the first twenty-five pages to discover whether it is any good.
Mom: What's ya readin'?
Me: Nothing actually, this stupid Dickens novel is still describing the wart on the bad guy's nose and I'm already on page 25.

Brother: Yeah, put that piece of pretentious shit down NAO! It has failed the 25 page test.
by BMDC September 15, 2010
A woman that is curiously absent from work or school once a month. Which leads you to the conclusion that she must be turning into a wolf with the cycle of the moon. In reality, she is suffering from a much more common malady known as her period.
Me: Where is Professor Lupina? She misses class every waxing gibbous.
Hermione: Hmmmm. Maybe she's a werewoman.
by BMDC July 14, 2010

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